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Quality made in Germany, VDE certification, 25-year warranty on storage blocks and short delivery times, even for bespoke heaters: All this and more make ELKATHERM the ideal partner for trade companies and suppliers of modern electric heating systems. 

Electric heaters have become even more sustainable

More and more electric power is generated from renewable resources. And home owners are investing in photovoltaic systems to generate their own electricity. In this context, electric panel storage heaters are not only environmentally friendly, but also very economical. Local consumption makes decentralised power generation more viable. In addition, there is no need for fuel storage or a boiler room, freeing up space in the building. The installation costs are minimal and there is of course no need for regular servicing. 

Electric heaters generate cosy heat – and fit any interior

ELKATHERM offers suitable solutions for any living and office space, irrespective of the interior design:
You can not only choose from 34 electric panel storage heaters available in four different heights but also from the entire RAL colour range.

ELKATHERM sets new standards
Discover the outstanding features of
our electric storage heaters!

The Truro Daily News writes:

Karsten Irmler, a heating systems specialist, travelled from Germany to showcase and educate the
public on the new ELKAtherm electric heaters during a public information session recently at Golden
Green in Upper Onslow. Cody McEachern/Truro Daily News

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Do you think that electric heaters would fit your home or product range?
Then please contact us – we would be delighted to advise you. 

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