GoldenGreen Store close to Truro

Open Tuesday to Saturday  9-5.


E-Store reopens soon!


Delicious Honey Snacks


Healthy, organic, and delicious! Enjoy fabulous milk and honey candies, vitamin-rich gummi bears and sesame, pumpkin seeds or mixed nut bars. more

Beekeeping Innovations

Minimize winter losses with hard polystyrene bee hives for the best insulation possible or raise your own healthy bees and queens for the next season! more


Welcome to GoldenGreen!

Golden Green is committed to preserving our resources and biodiversity through innovative and environmentally friendly product solutions. We provide you with the solutions you need for your personal and environmental well-being.

We come from a longstanding German beekeeping family. Through this, we have learned to commit ourselves to pursuing innovative agricultural ideas drawn from both the German and Canadian markets. Though our specialty is honey, we offer a wide range of alternative health products.


Testimonial about LINDESA

06/12/2012 20:58
"In my travels to Germany over the past couple of years, I've come across Lindesa hand products. It is probably the best cream that I have used in a while, and I love it! I haven't been able to find it anywhere else other than Germany itself. I'm really excited that I stumbled across...
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Shipping now to US!

04/12/2012 19:43
We are shipping now all our products also to the US! Get for example 10 Lindesa (75ml) for only $39.90 plus $12.99 for shipping anywhere in US! Find all our Lindesa products and prices here: LINDESA® Skin Care
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